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February sees the start of this new preaching series.

  4 Feb     Daniel's Prayer of Confession         Daniel 9: 1-19

11 Feb     Zechariah's Prayer (Song)               Luke 1: 67-79

18 Feb    Jehoshaphat Prays for Deliverance 2 Chronicles 20: 5-12

[25 Feb   We have GIA Missionaries Bill & Pauline Morrison as our visiting speakers]

  4 Mar    Paul's Prayer for Ephesus               Ephesians 2: 15-23

11 Mar    Abraham's Prayer for Sodom          Genesis 18: 16-33

18 Mar    Jonah's Prayer of Salvation            Jonah 2: 2-9

25 Mar    Jesus' Prayer at Gethsemane         Luke 22: 39-46

As usual our service starts at 9.30am on Sunday morning and the messages are recorded and uploaded to the website at: morissetbaptist.org.au 

You can also request copies of messages here or ask @ the sound desk after church!


Down through history God has restored lots of people in a number of different ways. We see people who had alienated themselves from God have their relationship restored. There are others who received a physical miracle and also lots of people who have been restored by receiving salvation through Jesus Christ.

14 Jan NAAMAN IS RESTORED 2 Kings 5: 1-14...

Today we are considering how we respond to God when we are restored in ways that are way beyond what we could have imagined. It’s not every day that someone is cured of leprosy, but when it happens it’s worth celebrating.

21 Jan TEN MEN CURED Luke 17: 11-19...

Today we look to the new testament and a similar miracle being received, only this time the miracle is ten-fold. Ten outcast lepers all being freed from what was arguably the worst medical disorder of the day. Surely everyone would have been grateful and given thanks…right. Well maybe! In a crazy way there are lots of people who simply refuse to be thankful and give praise to God for the wonderful ways he blesses them. We need to be careful to not be included in that list.


Pastor Tim is leading up through this 6-part series:

"A lot was written in the Old Testament about how Christmas (the birth of Christ) needed to unfold. In this new preaching series  ‘You Couldn’t Have Hoped For Anything More’ we will be looking at the settings in which the prophetic words about that first Christmas were spoken and how these words encouraged God’s people."


26 Nov: "In the Line of Abraham" Genesis 12:1-3; Matthew 1

 3 Dec:  "Messiah: Born of a Virgin" Isaiah 7:10-17; Matthew 1:18-25

10 Dec: "Born in Bethlehem" Micah 5:1-5; Matthew 2:3-6

17 Dec: "Preceded by a Messenger" Isaiah 40:1-5; Malachi 3:1; Matthew 3:1-3

24 Dec: "This was Just the Beginning...Again" Psalm 72:1-14; John 1:1-5; 14-18

25 Dec: "A First Encounter" John 1:29-31; 35-51  CHRISTMAS DAY SERVICE STARTS @ 9am


As usual our service starts at 9.30am on Sunday and the messages are recorded and uploaded to the website at: morissetbaptist.org.au 

You can also request copies of messages here or ask @ the sound desk after church!


Pastor Tim is returning from Long Service Leave with this new mini-series.

  5 Nov: "The Gift of Giving"         2 Corinthians 9

12 Nov: "Giving of Ourselves"      Matthew 5:1-12

19 Nov: "The Blessing of Giving" Acts 20:32-38

Series Theme: The Controversial Christ (aka: Jesus Said What??!!)

During Pastor Tim and Janet's Long Service Leave we will have the following guest speakers...

17 Sept: Graham Gibbins "The Time Has Come" Mark 1:14-28

24 Sept: Mitch Thompson "The Controversial Christ" Mark 6:7-13

1 Oct:     Graham Gibbins "The Deepest Need" Mark 2:1-12

8 Oct:     Max Bywater      "Satisfaction with Christ Leads to Commitment" Psalm 73

15 Oct    Graham Gibbins "Clashing with the Pharisees" Mark 2:13-22

22 Oct    Michael Anway   "The Continuing Challenge" Matthew 21:28-44

29 Oct    Graham Gibbins "Lord of the Sabbath" Mark 3:1-6

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